Meet dienacht in Armenia during all October 2022. Visit our talk on photobooks (Yerevan), portfolio reviews for photographers (Yerevan & Gyumri).

Support the upcoming book 'Relaxing Chamber' by Aleksei Kazantsev and get a unique print!

Dummies made at dienacht Publishing workshops in Metz at the festival Photographie mon Amour and in Leipzig.

"A search for my son's roots and the bond between us"

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A fluid feeling of life, be it a river or a sea.

Second Edition out soon! The gold standard for photographers, including 80 pieces of advice from Latvian photographer Ivars Gravlejs.

The photographer watches his nephew grow up.

Dummies from our Photobook making Workshop at the 1st first edition of Journées de la photographie à Nantes.

At a moment of no particular significance one says: "Don't move" or "Un instant, s'il te plaît!" And takes a photograph.

Surreality is a wordplay used to describe the fluid border between reality and something that goes beyond first impression — transcendence.

Photobook exhibition co-curated by Calin Kruse / dienacht Publishing has opened at the Museum of Applied Arts in Leipzig. Leipzig Photobook Festival soon!

Eternal youth, playfulness and sense of adventure.