By publishing this book about Ren Hang at work (and including some of original photographs Ren Hang created during this shoot), the circle is complete.

Five dummies made at dienacht Lab Workshop in Leipzig

They went on a road trip around Poland searching for coal mines and ended up with the adventure park that you will see in the book.

Hand made book with photography by Margaret Lansink and poetry by Réne van Hulst

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In October 2022 we held a photozine workshop in Yerevan. It was the first event of the kind in Armenia as far as we know.

It's a year since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. We show Vladyslav Krasnoshchok's documentation of the war in his hometown Kharkiv and beyond.

Dummies made at our workshop in a great company in the city of Kiel.

Long title: "We are vegan, four days a week. The other three we are cannibals".

Meet dienacht in Armenia during all October 2022. Visit our talk on photobooks (Yerevan), portfolio reviews for photographers (Yerevan & Gyumri).

A decade long visual research into the consciousness of animals is out now!

It's humid and hot and sweaty, and the bubble we're in is wobbly and the reality is shifted.