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Nausea is a reaction of organism when you have absorbed too much; the food you swallowed has been split but could not be digested.

The central theme evolves around humans and other creatures and their life struggles.

The book "Chronicle" features the photographs taken between 2010 and 2015 in the Ukraine. Arranged in chronological sequence the chapters of the book [...]

dienacht Publishing proudly presents: 'ANNA KONDA' by Katarzyna Mazur! In 2010, female fighters Anna Konda and Red Devil founded the Female Fight [...]

dienacht Publishing proudly presents: Paweł Jaszczuk's 'Kinky City'! Tokyo nights are full of toys. Dolls, costumes, threads and needles, masks, [...]

dienacht Publishing proudly presents Ren Hang's Photoposterbook 野生 ('Wild')! 野生 is a large format collection of unbound posters (book size: [...]


dienacht Publishing proudly presents Dana Stölzgen’s superlimited (45 copies + 5 copies with a print) and oversized book “My Disguise”! "Bones [...]


A personal story. July-December 2012. Limited Print Editions available: 28 € The printed book 60 €  The printed book + a 13 x 18 cm C-Print [...]

Feeling offcast. Flecks of ash fill the air. Slowly, they lie down to my feet. Somewhere inside there is something that destroys, it attracts those [...]

If the paper of the first edition made the book look a coal mine, the paper of this second edition makes it look like a desert storm. “And where is [...]

Erotic fairs are probably the only events where all social classes and ages are gathered in the same place. The visitors – exactly from the hick [...]

Five limited, signed prints by Chad Moore ("Anyone in love with you (already knows)") now available! All five photographs are available as a limited [...]

dienacht Publishing proudly presents Chad Moore's book "Anyone in love with you (already knows)"! "Whenever I move to a new city on my own, I have [...]

dienacht Publishing proudly presents: "Inner Mongolia" by Ekaterina Anokhina. “And where is it, this place?” “That’s the point, it is [...]

"I am terrified by this dark thing that sleeps in me." – Sylvia Plath Three books: Darkest / Kaputt / Whole / Darkest. Every year, 10 copies of [...]

** German Photo Book Award 2014 for NOWHERE! ** ** NOWHERE was selected by Photo-Eye as one of the best books of 2013 ** dienacht Publishing and Der [...]

Get a signed, numbered copy of Leon Kirchlechner’s photobook »NOWHERE« together with a limited, signed print. You can choose one of the four [...]

dienacht Publishing · Edition proudly presents Anti-accent, a limited book (100 copies) by Gabriel Orłowski, every copy arrives with a numbered [...]

dienacht Publishing proudly presents: a very special, limited Artist Edition (40 copies) by Claudia Eschborn. The fascination for Albrecht Dürer's [...]

Artist Photobook, with a text by Olivier Pin-Fat. [...]

** TIME Magazine chooses 'NOCTURNES' by AM Projects as one of the "Photobooks We Loved in 2012" ** ** NOCTURNES was selected by Photo-Eye as one of [...]

*** DEAD TRAFFIC was selected by Photo-Eye as one of the best books of 2012 *** dienacht Publishing proudly presents: DEAD TRAFFIC by Kim Thue This [...]

HABITUAL GRACE: A supernatural quality infused by God into the soul at the moment of justification, perfecting the soul in a supernatural [...]

Das Künstlerbuch von Maya (ihr Portfolio wurde in "dienacht" #6 vorgestellt) ist das dritte Buch, das bei Die rote Trude erschienen ist. [...]