dienacht Magazine proudly presents a double issue about the Nigerian photography scene.

dienacht #17 is back (5 different Covers – same content!)! This issue turned out to become a small extract of the “Condition humaine”, in all [...]

Juliane, 24 y.o. and mother of two, contacted me a while ago. She likes getting spanked, and she asked me to document her bruises. A story about [...]

dienacht Publishing proudly presents Ren Hang's Photoposterbook 野生 ('Wild')! 野生 is a large format collection of unbound posters (book size: [...]

Call for Entries for dienacht - Magazine for Photography, Design and Subculture #17 (or one of the next issues). Submit an overview as PDF to [...]

A photozine about moments. Not about the moment itself, but about being part of it. [...]

So, here we are again. dienacht is not just a portfolio magazine, but also a personal project. That's why some personal circumstances lead to the [...]

All 7 – timeless – available issues: dienacht #8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. Over 800 pages of intriguing photography, graphic-design, [...]

dienacht Publishing proudly presents Dana Stölzgen’s superlimited (45 copies + 5 copies with a print) and oversized book “My Disguise”! "Bones [...]

Only this week: Free worldwide shipping for Calin Kruse's newest book "No real time info available", published by dienacht Publishing. The free [...]

We at dienacht Publishing are happy and honored that NOCTURNES is one of only 15 books at the exhibition "Reading a Photobook", among authors / [...]

A personal story. July-December 2012. Limited Print Editions available: 28 € The printed book 60 €  The printed book + a 13 x 18 cm C-Print [...]

Im ersten Teil des Workshops stellt Calin Kruse (dienacht Magazin / dienacht Publishing) seine Arbeits- und Herangehensweise an -Gestaltung und [...]