Photobook / Artbook Fairs


April 6—30, 2017
Richard rocholl

TheLibrary is a temporary space celebrating the tranquility of photographic work presented in the form of the book.

TheLibrary invites visual artists to share a curated collection of their favorite photobooks with the community. The first edition of TheLibrary will be featuring the favorite books from the private collectons of Clara Bahlsen, Joachim Bartsch, Nadja Bournonville, April Gertler, Hannah Goldstein, Richard Rocholl and Joachim Schmid.

In addition to our main exhibition TheLibrary invites photographers to present their self-published photo books. TheLibrary will also be hosting a number of events like discussions, artist talks and presentations.

TheLibrary will be open 6–30 April 2017, Wednesday—Sunday from 2—7pm.

Schönhauser Allee, 10435 Berlin, Germany

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