Photographing Cities - Workshop with Peter Bialobrzeski

February 15—16, 2020

This workshop aims to look at the possibilities of creating “A sense of Place” within a subject related to “The City”. Contrary to public opinion the “tools” of photography are not exposure time and aperture but the abilities of the photographer to capture the mood of a space or the sense of a person. Without those skills a photographer can’t create complex bodies of work.

In this two days workshop we will look at participants portfolios and discuss extensively the possibilities that can emerge from the already existing bodies of work. Peter Bialobrzeski will then talk about his work and practice giving insights on the way he produces photographic project on urban areas.

Furthermore participants will have the opportunity, if they wish, of creating a body of work especially for discussion in this workshop.

The assignment by Peter Bialobrzeski is:

Create a series of photos, 6-10 images, that show and communicate the surroundings of your home. The maximum radius, starting with your adress is 2 kilometers. Think about the mood, the semiotics, the smells that shape your neighbourhood and turn this into photographs. The question of “truth” will be an integral part of the debate in the workshop. Images might be altered on the computer as an extended darkroom tool. Unaltered images can look so strange, that we hardly believe in their authentic state. This will not be a workshop that teaches technical side of digital processing tools, but will discuss the extended possibilities of digital image making and the way it changes our perception of a photograph.

via Galliari 15/D, Torino, Italy

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