Open Call: Photography Award

PHmuseum 2019 Mobile Photo Prize

June 13, 2019

How much have the practice and art of representing ourselves and the surrounding changed since each one of us has the opportunity to take a photo from a mobile phone?

Acknowledging the historical importance of the phenomenon, PHmuseum has decided to launch a prize exclusively dedicated to mobile photography. The call will be open to photographers of all levels and nationalities and it will represent the beginning of a research path to be continued on an annual base until 2024. Every year we will analyse different aspects of the phenomenon with the most significant images awarded with £ 8,000 in cash prizes and published in a photographic book. Placing on paper what is born in a digital way will be indeed a provocation to nourish the reflection on the whole phenomenon of mobile photography and its historical importance.

This initiative aims to reach not only professional photographers but also a wider audience. The contribution of non-photographers will, in fact, be fundamental to analyse the phenomenon and understand its dynamics. So browse the archive of your mobile library and contribute to our initiative with your most impressive, iconic or simply lucky shots!