Open Call: Photobook Editing, Sequencing and Design: Masterclass with Calin Kruse

January 15, 2018

For any photographer, the recording of images is the first part of their journey with a story. The process that begins after the camera has been put down is often more challenging. The photographer is required to reflect, to speak and even to write so that their work can have a full life. In this masterclass, it is this life and afterlife that we will be concerned with.

The masterclass is about the creation of photobooks on the one hand, as well as about rethinking your work in the context of a photobook on the other hand.

Calin will work closely with the participants in the production of a book from their own photo projects over the course of four days, focusing on design, editing, sequencing and the importance and choice of materials in the production of photobooks.

This masterclass culminates with each participant creating a photobook dummy.

Fees and application
The masterclass fee is 150 € / participant. Maximum 6 participants. There will be a selection process, please send a PDF or a link to a website showing your project (no Dropbox, no Wetransfer link, no single images), by the 15th of January 2018 to The finalists will be announced by the 1st of February.

The masterclass will be held in English.

About Calin Kruse
Calin Kruse studied Graphic-Design. He is the founder and maker of the photo magazine dienacht and of dienacht Publishing, and is a photographer by himself. Calin is also a curator, holds guest talks, lectures, makes workshops (Vienna, Berlin, Lagos, Georgetown, Istanbul, Moscow, Mexico City, Rangoon, ...) on photobook design and reviews portfolios.

dienacht and dienacht Publishing have received several awards for its publications: Best German Photobook Awards, Best Books of the Year, Shortlist at the Paris Photo – Aperture Award, and a range of LeadAwards.

Maribor, Slovenia

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