Mashup (Chaos A.D.) by Luiz Lima

June 30—July 2, 2017
Onetwothree and Luiz Lima

Mashup (Chaos A.D.)

My desire of a harmonic (and disharmonious) junction between two images that may be similar in their sense, plasticity and interest comes from what is done in music mashups. The aim is to create curiosity in the minds of those who see them. It turns out not to be an easy thing to do. We see numerous situations in cities, countries and in different locations. Eventually we record these experiences. In my case as a photographer the chance to register is even greater because I reach out to these experiences, and years later when watching the photos, I see a certain contradictory communication between the images. What made me intuit were the possibilities in the dialogues between the images! It’s an idea of a narrative in the exchange and contrast between two or more (photographic) records, ranging from discomfort to subtlety.

Your brain can help you?

This work ascends creating sublimental messages about music.

Think about politics, economics, sociology and religion. Your way! But think!
The collection consists of ten photographic images, each of 60 x 40 cm dimension, in Hanemühle cotton paper (fineart Baryta 325g). Paspatur white, framed silver. In total there will be produced four copies of each image.

Luiz Lima is photographer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he living for four years in the city of Vienna in Austria. He studied journalism and photography. He served as photography instructor at the School of Art and Technology - Spectaculu, and in SESC-Rio. Released two books on photography, Rodas (2012 Brazil / Finland), with documentary images of popular samba in the city of Rio de Janeiro and that is part of a tetralogy about music, the next "Klassische Musik" is in production in Austria. And Contos Fotográficos (2014 Brazil / Austria), with short stories and chronicles involving situations where photography is present in life of the people. The serie of pictures Mashup (Chaos AD), is circulating in galleries, art fairs, photo festival and was presented at the Fair of Contemporary Art in the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris (October / 2015) and exhibited at the International Art Project in Monaco (Abril/2016) and The Vision Art Project in Hamburg (October/2016) with the photographer Julian Lennon and others artists.

The photographer began in 2017 (February), exposing his series, "Mashup (Chaos A.D.)" at IG Bildend Kunst Galerie in Vienna in Austria. And this year will be released a new book ("Split Album") together with the Austro-Israeli photographer Daniel Shaked.

Steffensweg 123 , Bremen, Germany

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