Mashup (Chaos A.D.)

February 23—28, 2017
IG Bildende Kunst and Luiz Lima

Mashup (Chaos A.D.)

An exhibition by Luiz Lima

Opening with music and drinks: 23th February 2017, 18.30 h
"The challenges of the creative process"
talk with artists and guests: 25th February 2017, 18 h

Mashups (Chaos A.D.) shows a series of works by Luiz Lima, a photographer based in Vienna. During the exhibition the visitors will have the chance to see his works and also to attend a talk with his fellow artists and musicians.
The works are inspired by the observations the photographer did in his hometown Rio de Janeiro. It is a city ´sui generis´, in a land with a vast cultural diversity and lifestyle as well as a diverse understanding of life.
The basis of this series derives from the music as the backbone in the pictorial melting process.
Luiz Lima says: “For the choice of the gallery/exhibition space in Vienna, where I show these works it is important, that it (the gallery or the exhibition space) understands the intention behind the images and also there is a symbolic connection between art and attitude.


Luiz Lima is photographer, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has been living for four years in Vienna. He studied journalism and photography. He served as photography instructor at the School of Art and Technology - Spectaculu, and in SESC-Rio. He also published two books on photography, Rodas (2012 Brazil / Finland), with documentary images of popular samba in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which is part of a tetralogy about music, the next one "Klassische Musik" is in production in Austria. The second one Contos Fotográficos (2014 Brazil / Austria) includes short stories and chronicles involving situations where photography is present in life of the people. The series of pictures Mashup (Chaos AD), is circulating in galleries, art fairs, photo festival and was presented at the Fair of Contemporary Art in the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris (October / 2015) and exhibited at the International Art Project in Monaco (Abril/2016) and The Vision Art Project in Hamburg (October/2016) with the photographer Julian Lennon and others artists.

Gumpendorfer Str. 10-12, Vienna, Áustria

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