LABVERDE: Art immersion program in the Amazon: Open Call 2019

February 18, 2019

LABVERDE is designed for artists and creators who are eager to reflect on nature and landscape. The program will promote an intensive experience in the Amazon rainforest to explore the connection between science, art and the natural environment.

Enjoy 10 days sharing knowledges and practices in an intensive journey to enhance creativity having nature as a common ground.

Art + Nature + Science
The core of the artistic research will rely on the Amazon environmental issues as well as its role for the planet's ecological balance. The opportunity to develop innovative studies in the cultural field will be mediated by a team of arts, humanities, biology, ecology and natural science specialists.

Experimentation and knowledge will be tools to inspire artistic working processes and contextualized discourses. By appropriating nature, participants are expected to promote aesthetic and poetic expressions that boost a conscious relation between humankind and nature.

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