Open Call: Publication

Hunger 3

April 20, 2018

This is an open call for the third issue of “Hunger”, Void’s new publishing project: 7 issues of a newspaper will be released, one every 6 weeks, starting from February 2018.

Four more open calls will follow during 2018 for the next 4 issues of the project.

Each issue will contain:
2 to 3 invited artists – that will not be announced until the launch of each issue
+ 1 artist selected by Void’s editorial team through the open call.

We invite artist using the photographic medium to submit a photographic answer to the theme “A Hunger Artist”, taken from the homonymous Franz Kafka’s short story.

In short, think about works of yours that deal in the theme or in the processes with resilience, passion, stubbornness, painful craftsmanship, fight, isolation, confrontation, pain, struggle, obsession, etc.

More information on Void's website.