March 28, 2020
F3- freiraum für fotografie

Der illegale Film – Wem gehört eigentlich ein Bild? (The Illegal Film – who actually owns a picture?) A film by Martin Baer and Claus Wischmann. (2018, 80 min.)

The documentary Der illegale Film asks which images we will see in the future and how access to it is regulated. Cameras replace our eyes. We take more photos in one day than in the entire 20th century. Our world is changing into its own image. What do we do with all these pictures? What do these pictures do to us? How can I get a picture of the world when I am surrounded by pictures?

If we show what we see around us, it’s actually illegal. Because every single picture belongs to someone. So many pictures. And so many bans on pictures.

Admission: 5 € | reduced 3 €

f3- freiraum für fotografie
Waldemarstraße 17, Berlin, Germany

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