Explorers Grant 2019

August 30, 2019

Do you have a story to tell that could change the world?

We know that photographers and storytellers have the creativity to solve problems, and the skills to record a unique story along the way. So we’re giving you the chance to do both. It’s called the Explorer's Grant.

In 2019, we will be providing grants to problem solvers, creative geniuses and experience collectors who are trying to make the world, or their community a little better. And, if you receive a grant, we won’t just back you financially, we will give you the platform to share your story.

We’ve set aside $25,000 in total for the 2019 program to be shared between our photographic story tellers and the cause in need. We have $10000 in total available for travel and production, $10000 in total to donate to causes and $5000 in total for promotion and production.

CameraPro is launching The Explorer's Grant to aid Australian Storytellers in gaining exposure and support for their cause through photography and videography. The project can last up to 6 months with a focus on rural communities, business or entrepreneurs making an positive, social or environmental impact locally or globally. CameraPro currently collaborate with organisations whose mission aligns with our values, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to get involved in and we want to help you make the world better. Funding up to $20000 in total is for projects and $5000 for promotion and production. Applications for funding small and large are welcomed, we know that sometimes it only takes a little funding to help achieve a lot. We are looking for creativity that has impact and a strong reach.