Open Call: Exhibition

Exhibition »Fake«: Call for Entries

July 31, 2017

Exhibition »Fake«

Media says, the president says the media is lying. Varoufakis‘ middle-finger was real after all. Hitler’s diaries are not. The Steak is vegan. Wasps are flies. Breasts are plastic. So are the flowers.

Fact or Fake? Original or imitation?

Forgery, fraud, lies, deception, allegations. Fake news, fake followers, fake accounts, fake cheese, fake orgasms, artificial leather.

Are we surrounded by lies? From innocent trickery to deceit, we are being pranked and misled, we’re lying to others and to ourselves. We pretend, feign, and simulate.

How does deception turn into disappointment and suspicion into prejudice? Are we guided by fear and skepticism? What is real, what is fake, and who decides?

We invite you to ask questions, to uncover, to lie, to fake. Tell us about alternative truths. Expose fake facts. Lead us down the garden path.

Send us your work! We are looking for photography, film and media art.

A selection of the submissions will be presented at this year’s final exhibition of Galerie BOHAI in Oktober 2017.

Requirements for Submission

The Call for Entries is open to photography, film, and media art.

To participate, send us a PDF via mail (up to 5 MB) or a download link. Films may be submitted via link only and must be documented with screenshots in the PDF.

The PDF must contain:

Title and project description, anticipated size and form of presentation (up to 2000 characters), year created, contact information.

Only one entry per participant. The Call for Entries is open to individual and team works.

There is no limit to the number of images for an entry. Due to spatial restrictions and for curatorial purposes we reserve the right to exhibit only an excerpt of submitted works, in consultation with the artists.

Hannover, Germany

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