Editing, Sequencing and Design of a Photobook (with Calin Kruse)

May 3—7, 2017
Travel Photographer Society

For any photographer, the recording of images is the first part of their journey with a story. The process that begins after the camera has been put down is often more challenging. The photographer is required to reflect, to speak and even to write so that their work can have a full life.

In this workshop, it is this life and afterlife that we will be concerned with. This workshop is about the creation of photobooks on the one hand, as well as about rethinking your work in the context of a photobook on the other hand. Calin will work closely with the participants in the production and presentation of a book from their own photo projects over the course of five days, focusing on design, editing, sequencing and the importance of materials in the production of photobooks.

This workshop will put emphasis on the creation of a final product but the language used in the project’s ultimate presentation to audiences will also be discussed and developed.

The workshop culminates with each participant creating a photobook dummy.

What language will it be in?

Who is this workshop target at?
This workshop is designed for photographers who have completed a project and are in the book design and editing phase. For photographers who are midway through a project, this workshop is a great exercise in thinking about the direction of your project and to get a better overall perspective of the various possibilities of putting your work together. The workshop is a great opportunity to rethink and test your book editing approach before print.

How long will it take?
Five days

About Calin
Calin Kruse studied Graphic-Design in Mannheim and Trier, Germany. He is the founder and maker of the photo magazine dienacht and of dienacht Publishing, and is a photographer by himself. Calin is also a curator, holds guest talks, lectures, makes workshops (Vienna/Austria, Berlin/Germany, Lagos/Nigeria, Georgetown/Malaysia, etc.) on photobook design and reviews portfolios.

dienacht and dienacht Publishing have received several awards for its publications: Best German Photobook Awards, Best Books of the Year, Shortlist at the Paris Photo - Aperture Award, a range of LeadAwards.

Travel Photographer Society
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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