A true author with Stefano de Luigi

March 28—31, 2019
VII Tutor Program

First Session: 28th/ 31st, March, 2019 Second Session: 27th/30th, June2019
Location: Officine Fotografiche Milano - Via Friuli, 60 - Milan, ITALY
Workshop fee: 1500 €
Workshop Language: English
Applications deadline: March, 3rd

How is the work to be structured and how should we proceed with selection and editing images? What is it that distinguishes a reporter from an author?

Along two sessions Tutor Program with Stefano De Luigi will answer of many of these questions linked to the production of a body of work, its interpretation and its use once the production of the project is finished. A journey across the history of reportage. By means of a commentary on the images of the great interpreters of this field, we will analyse how the photographer poses himself in relation to this history and the authors that have most influenced his training. During the four days, students will see projections which retrace the history of photojournalism from its origins until today. Divided into decades, the projections will focus on the work of those auteurs who have revolutionized the language of photojournalism. Starting from the 1930s and focusing on categories (classics and outsiders), the teacher will illustrate how two apparently very different approaches evolved separately, only to cross paths underground and finally come together again at the beginning of the new millennium. The fundamental characteristics of this program will be defined including the perception of a specific project in relation to "being a photographer". The tutor will establish a real interdisciplinary connection between photography and history, cinema literature. With different tools as historical background given by the projection of “Classic and Outsiders” and discussions around some books and movies related to the photography, the tutor will try to enlarge the visions of the students. These discussions will take place the first session along with talks about how to angle your own story, edit your images and build a portfolio. Second sessions will be dedicated to the editing of the different works of the students and expanding the concept of a body of work in different directions as multimedia, books, exhibition.

Officine Fotografiche Milano
Via Friuli, 60, Milan, Italy

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