3 Days Workshop with Jim Goldberg

November 13—15, 2017
Atelier Smedsby

This 3-day workshop will be structured as a working laboratory with a focus on finding the physical or conceptual forms best suited for each participant's existing body of work, while also helping them strategize for the future.

Jim will spend half of the first day sharing and discussing his work and methodologies. Participants are expected to present their works in progress for the second half of the day, preferably in a physical form (book mock-up, prints, installation model, etc). Websites or digital presentations for this exercise are also acceptable.

Jim will meet with participants individually to identify their core strengths and add alternative assignments or processes to their art making. Students should be prepared to work intensely and openly, and possess a willingness to explore and mutate their current body of work.

In addition to Jim's own in-depth artist's books and exhibitions, he has worked with, designed, and advised a range of artists on museum, gallery, and book projects throughout his 40-year career. Goldberg is Professor Emeritus at the California College of the Arts and is represented by Pace/MacGill Gallery in New York, and Casemore Kirkeby Gallery in San Francisco.

Atelier Smedsby
31 rue du Capitaine Dreyfus, Montreuil, France

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