Open Call: Festival

3rd Artfestival 'STARS OF THE SILKROAD' in Kirgistan

April 30, 2017
Lions Club

There are moments in the life of an artist, that touch, move and inspire. The 3rd International Festival of Arts "Lions - Stars of the Silkroad" 2017 in Kyrgyzstan is one of those events. Here you experience unforgettable moments on stage.

We are looking for young and creative photographers (18-30 years) from all over the world who want to present their photography projects on an international platform, exchange ideas with local artists and explore foreign cultures.

The exhibited works are presented to the public in a major photo exhibition at the national museum of fine arts in Bishkek, a unique opportunity for talented young photographers!

After a successful candidature, we will try to find a local Lions club that covers the travel expenses of the photographer to join the festival. It is also possible to just contribute pictures to the photo exhibition without travelling to Kyryzstan in person.

Bishkek / Issyk-Kul, Kirgistan

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