Izabela Nowak: Running up that hill

We don’t know whether Izabela Nowak has ever seen the work and the book by Mårten Lange “Another Language” published by MACK* but we here at dienacht as great admirers of the former, got an immediate reference to it. The impression owes it, of course, in the first place to the the powerful image of whirlpool that got imprinted in our minds and Lange's book cover. Mårten Lange’s whirpool gets you inside and under the water of the World ocean, while Izabela Nowak’s spinning vortex draws you into another Universe. They have different stories to tell, but it seems to be quite an exciting walk either way, isn't it?
* (5th in the list: www.martenlange.com/books/)

"I am not searching for any particular scene or special spot. It was more about an awareness of a moment, certain moods and following the instinct. I could suppose it is about the spinning Universe, those coincidences which make things happen or not. Collecting thoughts and things that seem important. To understand a little bit more. It is possibly a desire to reveal shards of memories, to build bridges and bonds. Sort of reconciliation with the passing of time and mystery of the future. Or perhaps it is a timid attempt to learn to fly."

The dummy “Running up that hill” was selected as one of finalist and presented at Encontros da Imagem, dummy book award in Braga, Portugal as well as shortlisted in Self Publish Riga Award, Latvia.
Dummy: www.vimeo.com/303474230
Photographer: www.izabelanowak.com

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