Buchrelease "elsewhere" in Hamburg

Freitag, 02.12. ab 19 Uhr Hinterconti, Marktstrasse 40a, 20357 Hamburg

Aus dem Pressetext:

The series of "elsewhere" attends to the things, that are left unsaid and dares to approach undefined places that can only be experienced intuitively. It touches edges of perception and gives the suppressed attention, while it consciously extracts from familiar perspectives and dedicates itself to the hidden spaces between reality.

Topics like subconsciousness, foreboding, fear, suspense, friction and subtext are part of this photography and can be found in the term of ambiguity. In this uncertainty you can come across the fear of the unknown as well as the love for adventures, the premonition and the coincidence. It is a journey into insecurity, an examination with the unpredictable and its impact. Elsewhere raises questions merely for the sake of the questions. And causes contented comfort to be questionable.

"elsewhere" edition of 100 signed and numbered selfmade & hand bound softcover in different colors size: 21 x 24 cm, 8.2 x 9.4 inch 40 pages 15 photographs price: 35 euro + shipping

order@mareilemack.de www.mareilemack.de

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