B.F.S.L. - Bündnis für Freiheit, Solidarität und Lebensqualität

Artzine von Jan Kiefer
Auflage: 80 Exemplare
28 Seiten, 14,4 x 20 cm

13,00 Euro
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I have been at the Photobookfestival in Vienna and at the Art Book festival in Basel during the last few days, and I saw a few books I'd like to [...]

Maria is a 72 year old woman who lives in a small village in the South-West of Romania, right next to the Serbian border. 

Mit ISSN 1868-1506 und Aufklappseiten. Diesmal dabei: Hendrik Kerstens (Fotografie/Niederlande), Eric Nyquist (Illustration/USA), Ronald Brul [...]